In Regards to Nostalgia 

Pearlman Gallery, Art Academy of Cincinnati

He woke up from his chair startled and saw the blossom was starting to wither. He had stayed up all night to see it bloom but had fallen asleep. Had he missed it or was it never going to bloom at all? Either way, it’s sad. He remembers when she brought home the cuttings in a glass of water. He remembers being younger, wearing lipstick with her in the shower, washing each other's backs. She would take baths just to feel closer to the ocean, and he would sit on the toilet and read Raymond Carver books to her. He remembers brushing their teeth together in silence, and he remembers feeling closer to her than anyone in his life.

He has been accused of being too nostalgic, always longing for what was. She always thought he was a million miles away, lost in his own memories. He likes to remember, replaying the scenarios in case he missed something, knowing he will never get them back.

About the Exhibition:

In Regards to Nostalgia is a multimedia exhibition comprised of sculpture, painting, and photographic installations that examine how the past manifests in the present and how lived realities collide with our reimagining of what once was.

Mark Albain examines John Cage’s propagated night-blooming cereus plant as he captures its elusive bloom through photographs. Jesse Ly utilizes film-based photographic techniques to examine grief, love, and melancholia through site-specific installations and Aubrey Theobald’s intimate material study of everyday objects highlight location, empathy, and mourning practices through sculpture and painting.

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